Download Our Client Case Book

Learn how your peers are innovating in this compilation of our most recent cloud computing success stories. Covering 19 projects, this book highlights how we’ve helped clients leverage the cloud to revolutionize IT and improve their businesses.

Projects include:

• How does an insurance provider assess and migrate 700 business-critical applications?

• How does a Fortune 50 conglomerate select and implement a cloud management platform?

• How does one of the largest electronics manufacturers build an OpenStack cloud?

• How does a telecom provider migrate 485 servers and 7,500 applications to the cloud?

• How does a global publisher create a strategy for deploying elastic public and private clouds?

• How does an ATM manufacturer use the cloud to expand it’s software-led services?

• How does a state IT department develop a cloud strategy to “think big, start small, and scale fast?

• How does a global financial services firm develop a cloud-based big data framework?