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1) Deriving Value from Enterprise DevOps

DevOps is a hot topic these days despite the fact that the term is broadly misunderstood. DevOps is not a person or a bunch of systems administrators writing Chef scripts, and it’s definitely not just another software methodology. In this session we will explore how to derive the greatest value from DevOps and how it should be used in an enterprise context to deliver high-quality software, better, faster and cheaper.

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2) Where is the “EA” in DevOps?

Like with Agile, DevOps focuses on speed to market but what is often overlooked is the importance of enterprise architecture. DevOps removes waste from the system but the waste often originates from underlying architectures that could have been designed and managed more effectively. In this session we will explore the critical role of enterprise architecture in DevOps.

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3) DevOps as an Organizational Change Agent

The DevOps movement preaches changing the way we build software. In this session we will discuss how this new mindset impacts organizations in areas ranging from skills set, product management, operations, human resources and more.

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About the Presenter

Mike Kavis has served in numerous technical roles such as CTO, Chief Architect, and VP positions with over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture. A pioneer in cloud computing, Mike led a team that built the world’s first high speed transaction network in Amazon’s public cloud and won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge. An expert in cloud security, Mike recently published a book called Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models.

Mike is also an active blogger in the cloud computing space and covers DevOps among other topics for The Virtualization Practice, which provides analysis, commentary, and resources on current Virtualization and Cloud Computing news, events, and community.

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