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“Working with Cloud Technology Partners helps us continually deliver some of the most sophisticated, dependable and secure cloud solutions available in the market.”

- John Igoe, VP Cloud Security & Operations


“The Cloud Technology Partners team rapidly delivered outstanding solutions that helped us meet increasing demand and support our projected growth.”

- Adam Walton, COO


“Cloud Technology Partners is experienced at migrating enterprise applications into the cloud. It’s moving 5,000 applications for one company and 9,000 for another.”

- Charles Babcock, Editor-at-Large


Cloud Computing Case Studies

cloud computing case studies

How does an online education firm serve professors and students across the globe with highly interactive cloud-native applications?

cloud computing case studies

How does a conglomerate with 300,000 employees migrate 50 shared applications to AWS in a month?

cloud computing case studies

How does a global bank leverage a private cloud to modernize its transaction system and reduce annual IT spending by 20%?

Cloud Technology Partners helps companies solve their most critical cloud computing challenges. Our services expertise includes migrating applications and data to cloud environments, developing cloud-native applications, and architecting, building and managing cloud infrastructures. Our software solutions streamline cloud migration and development while improving the cloud readiness of applications.

We’ve completed 100+ cloud transformation projects. Explore some of the case studies below.

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