How to Optimize Performance in the Cloud

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Are performance issues holding back your cloud computing efforts?

This often happens because organizations standing up cloud-based applications do not account for the latency systemic to many cloud deployments. To overcome these performance challenges, you must account for the fact that cloud-based applications are typically widely distributed, with the data far away from the application logic, which itself may be far away from the user.

This webinar provides recommendations on how to carefully design systems to counter performance, latency and even reliability issues to keep productivity high.

  • Learn how cloud architectures and planning impact performance.
  • Explore the importance of monitoring information and data processing.
  • Determine how the core components of your cloud based applications impact speed.
  • Discover the value of a test-before-you-buy strategy.

About the Presenter

David Linthicum is a SVP at Cloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader in the world of cloud computing. He is the curator for cloud and mobile at GigaOM Pro, the cloud blogger for InfoWorld and the author of over 13 books on computing.