Meet Some of Us

Our people make the difference. We are exceptional workers, passionate about the cloud and determined to build a great company. Learn more about us by clicking on profiles that zoom in.

Dan Griffith
Joey Jablonski VP/ Principal Architect
Nicole Givin
Jonathan Baier AWS Senior Architect
Shing Chen
Sibu Kutty
Uri Shatil
Doug Anastasia
Tom Gallagher
Alexey Gerasimov
Mike Coleman
Robert Christiansen
Stuart Stent
Kelley Wong
Mike Wang
Shannon Croy Marketing Associate
Mike Kavis Vice President & Principal Cloud Architect
Jen Doherty
John Treadway Senior Vice President
Bruce Coughlin Senior Vice President
David Linthicum Senior Vice President
Chris Smith Associate
Bill Peldzus Senior Vice President
Bernard Drost Vice President & Principal Architect
Brian Ott Vice President
Jimmy Senior Solutions Architect
Brad Young Marketing Manager
Kacy Clarke Vice President & Principal Cloud Architect
Jay Senior Consultant
Matt Carson Senior Software Engineer
Alan Director, Software Engineering
Charles Radi Vice President & Principal Cloud Architect
Amy Arthur Director Finance
Chris Greendale Chief Executive Officer
Tom Senior Architect
Jim Stiller Senior Consultant
Michael Big Data Architect
Jon Rounds Chief Operating Officer
Erik Sebesta Chief Architect & Technology Officer
Mark Senior Architect
Mike Draper Principal Cloud Architect
Liz Lynes VP People & Culture