Rapidly evaluate and migrate applications, starting with quick-wins and best business cases for moving to the cloud.

Cloud Application Migration Services

As companies grow, their application portfolios evolve through organizational changes, the introduction of new business processes and regulatory requirements, and the adoption of advancing technologies like cloud computing. The result is often a complex, rigid and inefficient IT environment with redundant and incompatible applications. Leading enterprises are transforming their software portfolios to deliver distributed, resilient, on-demand business services while reducing maintenance and compliance costs.

For core applications, we partner with client teams to identify shared internal and external business and technical services, build and distribute them resiliently on PaaS, and securely integrate them with the clients’ internal and external customers.

For commodity applications, we help clients evaluate and select viable SaaS vendors and partners, and then securely integrate them with existing business solutions.

A cloud application migration engagement addresses questions including:

• Which applications should move to the cloud and where should they live?

• How can you transform your application portfolio to enable business growth?

• How do you align your teams to make the same decisions about cloud solutions?

• What is different about migrating commodity vs. core applications?

• What shared services should your business deliver to customers and partners?

• What shared business and technical services should you deliver to internal customers?

• How much effort is required to shift core applications to the cloud?



Our Thoughts on Cloud Application Migration