• "Cloud Technology Partners is consulting with large enterprises, including General Electric (GE), about how to develop software to run in cloud computing environments, including new projects and also conversion of older workloads. That includes both privately-built and run cloud data centers, and also public cloud data centers."

    - Tiernan Ray, Barron’s

  • "Cloud Technology Partners works with pretty much any major cloud infrastructure provider you can name, but it doesn’t engage in reseller relationships with those companies, which distinguishes its approach from many of the solution providers assisting with cloud migrations. The firm engages in deep technical relationships, so that it can help businesses determine which cloud stack is best for its application portfolio."

    Heather Clancy, ZDNet

  • "Cloud Technology Partners is experienced at migrating enterprise applications into the cloud. It’s in talks to move 5,000 applications for one company and 9,000 for another. It’s also decided that the time is right to make the process and engine behind its application migration services into a software product."

    Charles Babcock, InformationWeek

  • "The combined pedigree of the Cloud Technology Partners team, which includes the co-founders of Cambridge Technology Partners, is enviable. It puts them in an ideal position to help their customers fully leverage cloud in order to not only transform the way their corporate IT services are delivered, but to revolutionize the way they conduct business."

    Jeff Hine, Enterprise Strategy Group