Cloud Technology Partners Launches The Doppler Report

Inaugural Issue of Monthly Cloud Computing Newsletter Features New White Paper Entitled, “Migrate Applications To The Cloud In Six Steps”

BOSTON, MA – July 13, 2011 – Cloud Technology Partners, the leader in transforming businesses with cloud solutions, today announced the launch of its monthly newsletter entitled, the Doppler Report intended to help its readers navigate the complex and rapidly evolving world of cloud computing.

In addition to providing links to a thought provoking article on the current battle between Google and Facebook for your time online, and cutting edge cloud computing research from The Harvard Business Review, the Doppler Report’s inaugural issue features a new Cloud Technology Partners white paper entitled, “Migrate Applications to the Cloud in Six Steps.” The paper outlines six straightforward, easy-to-understand steps, as well as the tools/technologies necessary, for creating a migration framework that will enable any business organization to successfully prepare for and migrate applications and business processes into the cloud.

“We speak with IT and business executives each week that tell us they do not have the time nor the desire to sift through the reams of information written about cloud computing, let alone take calls from the numerous vendors offering a technology that they promise is the ‘panacea’ for all their cloud woes,” said Jim Lampert, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cloud Technology Partners. “Cloud Technology Partners leverages our unique breadth and depth of experience to deliver unbiased, vendor neutral consulting services, systems integration and technology that ensures robust cloud solutions for our clients. We plan to apply this same philosophy to our newsletter.” He continued, “Our goal is to review the countless articles, white papers, research and other materials being continuously released in a knowledgeable yet completely unbiased fashion, and boil them down into one easy to skim newsletter that features only the most original, innovative and reliable content. We believe the Doppler Report will soon become a valuable reference tool to which industry leaders turn for trusted opinion and commentary on cloud computing. It is the natural next step in providing unbiased thought leadership in a growing and complex market.”

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About Cloud Technology Partners

Cloud Technology Partners helps companies plan, design and build cloud solutions for applications and infrastructures that reduce IT costs, streamline operations and accelerate time to market. With a comprehensive cloud-focused service portfolio and targeted methodologies and tools, Cloud Technology Partners enables the world’s leading businesses and institutions to innovate through cloud computing. Engagement expertise includes cloud strategy consulting, private cloud deployment, systems integration, application development and migration, and cloud security and governance. Headquartered in Boston, the company’s investors include select angels, State Street Bank and Greylock Partners.

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