Cloud Technology Partners Launches CTP Labs for Google Cloud Platform

Enables Enterprises and ISVs to Develop High-Performance Software on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Experts

BOSTON, MA – June 2, 2015 – Cloud Technology Partners, the professional services firm behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud initiatives, today announced the launch of Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) Labs for Google Cloud Platform. CTP Labs for Google enables enterprises and independent software vendors to transform existing software and enterprise systems into multitenant auto-scaling cloud services.

“Our clients are investing in becoming cloud software providers to better support their existing customer base and generate new revenue opportunities,” said Chris Greendale, CEO and Founder of Cloud Technology Partners. “CTP Labs applies our deep experience in building cloud products and brings a proven approach to defining, architecting, building, testing and deploying on Google’s cloud.”

CTP Labs recently developed a cloud-based mobile testing platform for technicians and field service crews for AFL Global, an industry-leading manufacturer and installer of fiber optic products. To further differentiate their product suite, the firm needed to develop a field-ready mobile testing application that was both highly capable and easy to use. “CTP Labs has helped us accelerate our new product development into mobile and cloud applications. They have proven themselves to be flexible, knowledgeable and extremely effective at helping us achieve business results. I highly recommend them,” said Dane Krampitz, Test and Inspection R&D Director at AFL Global.

“CTP Labs brings pre-packaged and proven approaches, methods, frameworks and toolsets to every project, decreasing time-to-market while taking the guesswork, risk and cost out of converting systems into cloud services,” said David Linthicum, Senior Vice President, Cloud Technology Partners. “All technology issues are considered including multitenancy, auto-scaling, provisioning, use-based accounting, governance, management, API development and features that normally are not part of initial cloud services deployments, but are a requirement in the market today.”

Although CTP Labs is platform independent, Cloud Technology Partners has routinely leveraged Google Cloud Platform, which provides the tools and capabilities necessary to successfully develop and operate the high-performance applications enterprise customers demand.

“Google has teamed with Cloud Technology Partners to deliver unparalleled innovation and capabilities to companies building new or modernizing their traditional software to cloud-based products. CTP Labs has proven experience helping companies leverage Google’s full technology stack and related application services including App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Datastore, Cloud SQL, BigQuery and more,” said Brandon Jung, Head of Google Cloud Platform Partners, Americas.

Pricing for CTP Labs is on a per-project basis, with engagements generally ranging from 3 months to a year. Those interested in learning more should e-mail to schedule an introductory consultation for determining the right cloud technologies for your business.

Additional information can be found at and by downloading the new whitepaper “How to Cloud Enable Your Software,” by David Linthicum.

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Cloud Technology Partners is the professional services and application development firm behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud computing initiatives. Expertise includes architecting, building and managing cloud infrastructures, migrating applications and data to cloud environments and developing cloud-native applications. Cloud Technology Partners software solutions streamline cloud migration and development while improving the cloud readiness of enterprise applications.

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