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Kubernetes’ Expanding Role in Data Science

In a few short years, containers have established themselves as indispensable tools for managing portable, stateless applications like Web servers and microservices. But they have taken time to catch on in the world of data science where they have been viewed as too lightweight to package and manage complex, stateful services dealing with big data. […]

Hybrid Cloud, Innovation, Protests: 11 Predictions for 2019

What is going to happen in 2019? This time of year, experts on every subject from cloud to cliff diving weigh in with their predictions for the year ahead. Some of these materialize, others come close but do not quite pan out. Then there is a third group that misses its mark by a mile. […]

When Technology Isn’t Enough: Cloud Platform Services Don’t Run Themselves

Imagine you invented a new kind of truck chassis. To build it, you developed the most highly automated, efficient manufacturing process in the world, creating highly reliable truck frames that can accommodate a variety of custom configurations: delivery trucks, plumbing trucks, flatbed transports, mobile laboratories, etc. However, when you release your new truck chassis line, […]

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid?

Up until recently, hybrid cloud was a pretty hotly debated topic. On second thought, it probably still is, but I believe the argument is now close to being settled. Those who followed cloud developments over the last decade have probably personally witnessed more than one example of “cloud is going to rule the world,” “on-premises […]

Podcast: Getting to Hybrid Cloud Nirvana

We discuss the importance of good hygiene from the beginning of every technology transformation. Typically, when we see that our clients are doing something incorrectly in their data center, they will likely be making the same mistakes in the cloud as well. To right these environments, it doesn’t necessarily take fixing bugs, but rather educating […]

New Outdoor IoT Protocols Are Coming to Your Backyard. Literally.

72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 96 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees…. This is what most IoT data looks like — the same information over and over and over again. What is useful here, and what is not? For those that follow our articles, you have long seen us discuss deriving […]