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[Podcast] The Golden Age of the SaaS Product

Software developers are a prideful group. They like to create things, figure out their own short cuts and come up with new ways to innovate on the fly. But sometimes, developers’ inner creativity can be the biggest thing holding them back. There are still times when relying on tried and tested tools can help get […]

Assume That You Have Already Been Breached

Breached. Compromised. Infiltrated. Exposed. These are four words no CISO wants to see in their inbox. Looked at another way, however, they can be immensely valuable. How, you ask? By accepting these four words as the status quo and by assuming at all times that you have been breached (whether or not that is actually […]

Protecting the Golden Keys to Your Cloud Kingdoms

The evolution of computing technology has dramatically increased the speed at which companies are able to innovate. Organizations that are slow to adopt this technology may soon be replaced by innovators who take advantage of all that is offered. For example, Blockbuster was thriving with its video rental stores across the U.S., yet its business […]

[Podcast] Challenges Enterprises Face Adopting Microservices

Microservices have become a popular software development technique in recent years. Breaking down applications into distinct sets of loosely coupled smaller services helps organizations port workloads from cloud to cloud and get better utilization out of the resources they’re paying for. But there are challenges associated with the practice, starting with security. Microservices can make […]

Taming Kubernetes with Policies

Security is one of the key areas of focus when adopting Kubernetes across the enterprise, and it has evolved over the past year or so. With many large enterprises evolving from the waterfall model to agile based frameworks like SAFe, IT teams are forced to release infrastructure and applications more rapidly, and “shift left” aspects […]