The Doppler

What is Quantum Computing?

Computers currently work using tiny silicon transistors as on/off switches to encode bits of data. Each action can have one of two values: one (on) and zero (off) in binary code. Traditional computing is measured by the amount of information that can be contained in these zeros and ones. Either a bit is a zero […]

Provisioning Speed in the Cloud

There is a plethora of benefits to be gained from utilizing public cloud computing. Whether cost savings, improved security or increased agility is your primary driver, there are many additional compelling reasons to make the move to public cloud. To us, one of the most important value-adds of the cloud is speed — specifically, speed […]

[Podcast] Securing Applications Across Hybrid Environments

Securing applications in a hybrid world can be a challenge. Companies that try to control threat vectors across cloud platforms and infrastructure environments with the same set of tools often run into trouble. We discuss how containers and serverless platforms are starting to solve some of these security challenges – how their shared responsibility models […]