The Doppler

Untangling Data Entanglement

In the technology world, buzzwords and analogies flood the landscape. Analogies help us explain unfamiliar concepts in familiar terms, and when the analogy strikes a chord, it often launches a buzzword. This can be helpful in bridging the communications gap between technology and business. “Data gravity” is one of those buzzwords that now permeate our […]

A Meal Fit for a Cloud: How to Apply Data Analytics in Your Migration Planning

Migrating a large number of applications to the public cloud is a complicated process. There are many strategic questions organizations need to answer, steps to consider and areas where migrators commonly struggle. In an earlier Doppler article, we discussed some of these pitfalls and outlined six key enablers that teams should put in place to […]

Cloud Security for Data Lakes in AWS Environments

As companies collect, generate and process more data to drive value through their organizations, they find themselves facing an important decision: where to put it all. One option has been to create a data lake. Data lakes are particularly useful because they allow organizations to feed in large volumes of data in their original formats, […]

What is Quantum Computing?

Computers currently work using tiny silicon transistors as on/off switches to encode bits of data. Each action can have one of two values: one (on) and zero (off) in binary code. Traditional computing is measured by the amount of information that can be contained in these zeros and ones. Either a bit is a zero […]