To the cloud in 90 days.

Cloud Adoption Program – Build Phase

Build your Minimum Viable Cloud in just 90 Days

There are many risks when building an enterprise-grade cloud program, and without firsthand experience, the likelihood of success is dramatically lowered. Cloud Technology Partners has the experience required to avoid these risks and help you develop an enterprise Cloud Adoption Program (CAP), a proven offering that brings together the leading providers, services, and best practices to accelerate your cloud adoption across the enterprise.

CAP Build is a 90-day program that enables your team to develop its own world-class cloud center of excellence by learning from our experts. Based on deliverables from the 2-3 day CAP Workshop, CAP Build engages your team to move workloads to the cloud in a way that is scalable, effective, and safe.

Working with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, the CAP Build process leverages proven core principles and methodologies to transform your enterprise. In partnership with your team, we transfer these principles, methodologies and an actionable roadmap, so your enterprise will be successful long after we’re gone.


  • Alignment of stakeholders through common goals
  • Consensus on business drivers and success criteria
  • Identification of key concerns and removal of barriers
  • Implementation of a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) integrated with your network
  • Development of a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC)
  • Gap analysis of enterprise readiness for cloud adoption
  • Usable and operational cloud platform on AWS
  • Position to adopt cloud resources at scale
  • Migration of 3 applications to AWS or GCP

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