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Economic Analysis for Cloud

Does your executive management and board of directors have doubts that a cloud transformation strategy will deliver tangible financial benefits to the business? Provide the information they need with objective, fact-based analysis you can rely on.

CTP’s Economic Analysis provides a comprehensive financial analysis between your current IT portfolio and a future state, cloud-based environment. Incorporating multi-factor analysis of people, process, technology and automation across the multiple domains within your enterprise to ensure greater accuracy of financial impact in your cloud program.

IT Consumption Opportunity


Understanding the value of cloud adoption requires a comprehensive economic assessment

  • Compare costs for public cloud, private cloud and co-location
  • Better understand your current and future state requirements
  • Explore the soft business value drivers associated with operating in the cloud and how they may uniquely impact your organization operations.
  • Identify high-value workloads that will contribute to self-funding a high-cost IT transformation project

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

Compare the costs of operating an on-premise IT footprint and a comparable cloud footprint.


Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

Build upon your TCO analysis to determine one-time migration costs and when the point of positive return will be reached.



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