Transform traditional infrastructures into strategic
clouds designed for growth and innovation.


Cloud Infrastructure Services

Building an IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective, while executing strategies and frameworks that move IT to an “as-a-service” model, is a daunting task. We understand these complexities, and take a holistic approach to infrastructure issues while dealing with the realities of existing investments and architectural approaches.

We help companies plan, architect, build and integrate IaaS solutions across private, public and multicloud environments. We have dedicated infrastructure teams for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Azure and have deep expertise working with all major cloud infrastructure providers.

  • What is the right infrastructure strategy for your company, based on your existing requirements and business needs?
  • What should your reference architecture look like, and what is the best path for creating it?
  • How do you properly build cloud architectures for hybrid or multicloud environments?
  • Which technologies (Cloud OS, automation, orchestration, etc.) are the best to meet your requirements?
  • How should you construct a cloud service catalog, and how should that service catalog integrate with your traditional systems?
  • What improvements are needed to your operational and business support services and tools?
  • How do you transform traditional infrastructure support capabilities to a new cloud operations model?


Additional Cloud Infrastructure Resources