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Cloud Security & Governance Services

No business or IT executive can afford to overlook the critical risks posed by an inadequate understanding of security and governance. However, when considering the cloud, many organizations neglect the need for healthy operational processes and security procedures that should be built into every cloud computing implementation.


A sound security and governance plan is essential for maximizing the value of your cloud implementation. This includes understanding how to place policy-driven governance solutions around resources in private and public clouds as well as controlling access to critical cloud-based services.

We provide a deep understanding of the complexities of building and operating enterprise clouds and recognize that every cloud implementation – not just those in financial services or healthcare verticals – brings with it unique security and operational considerations and challenges. We understand that governance is a fundamental approach involving people, processes, and technology that requires a great deal of advanced planning, and proper utilization of the right solutions.

A cloud security and governance engagement addresses questions including:

  • How do you incorporate regulatory considerations into your cloud environment?
  • What are the best strategies for risk mitigation and data protection?
  • How can the cloud reduce the costs and increase the resiliency of your DR/BC planning?
  • What are the steps to creating the right governance model for your enterprise?
  • How do cloud security and governance solutions work together?


Additional Security and Governance Resources