Securely Adopting AWS at Scale


AWS Cybersecurity Program

CTP’s Cybersecurity Program was developed by a group of architects, engineers, developers and technology enthusiasts dedicated to defining, automating and ensuring the world’s most secure environments on Amazon Web Services.

Following AWS, CSA, NIST and other industry best practices, the Cybersecurity Program enables our clients to safely and confidently operate in compliant environments.

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Logging & Monitoring
Visibility into issues as they arise

Encryption & Key Management
Appropriate protection for your sensitive data


Defined and established Role Based Access Controls

Continuous Compliance
Organizational visibility into compliance controls




Gaining the benefits of cloud in a safe and secure manner requires successfully navigating a highly complex technical and regulatory environment. The Cybersecurity Program addresses the following challenges:

  • Infrastructure Security and Network protection
    Implement secure network components on AWS, including perimeter protection, VPC/subnet segmentation and IDS/IPS capabilities
  • Data Security
    Manage access and protection of sensitive data in the cloud
  • Identity and Access Management
    Establish appropriate mechanisms for user access to cloud environments based on the principle of least privilege
  • Logging, Monitoring and Audit Trail
    Monitor all aspects of secure cloud operations and enable forensic capabilities
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    Meet regulatory, audit and legal requirements while retaining agility. Enable continuous governance and management practices
  • Industry Standards
    Leverage AWS, CSA, ISO 270XX and NIST guidelines to accelerate your cloud adoption journey

The Cybersecurity Program

We work with the world’s leading enterprises and financial institutions to solve their unique security, governance and regulatory concerns when moving to the cloud. The Cybersecurity Program is a key component during all phases of the Cloud Adoption Program, providing a clear, safe and secure path to end-to-end cloud adoption.

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Client Success Story

“Engaging Natixis’ security, legal and compliance personnel, CTP ensured that access to the AWS production environment was adequately protected, appropriate data governance mechanisms were in place and full traceability of activities was available to fulfill regulatory requirements.”

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