Cloud computing is the most transformational shift we’ve seen in enterprise IT in the past 20 years and our clients are leveraging its power to gain a huge competitive advantage. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is predicted to grow from nearly $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019. We are the trusted partner helping today’s businesses design, build and operate on the cloud – with confidence.

Cloud With Confidence

Why partner with CTP?

Incredible People

Clients choose Cloud Technology Partners for their most challenging cloud projects because they know our people have the skills to deliver successfully again and again. You’ll work with a team of recognized experts that will help you achieve your cloud goals and objectives while avoiding pitfalls and missteps along the way.

Cloud Experience

We’re not learning a new way of doing things – we’re defining the best way to do them. Our architects have been designing, building and implementing IT solutions for enterprise customers across industries for an average of more than 20 years and we’ve completed over 300 enterprise cloud transformation projects.

Technology & IP

From reference architectures that support multiple user communities to software that accelerates application migration, we’ve developed a full suite of tools that enable you to solve your cloud challenges more quickly and effectively.

Platform & Technology Independent

Our vendor independence provides us with a unique perspective into the cloud solutions market. Our robust partner ecosystem ensures we deliver the best cloud solutions available today.

Exclusive Cloud Focus

We focus only on cloud-based technologies and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different players. We have the cloud experience necessary to successfully implement the solution that best matches your requirements.

Our Approach

We come highly recommended and are proven to be flexible, knowledgeable and extremely effective at helping clients achieve business results.