Doppler Case Study

Intelligent Mapping for the Connected Car

The Challenges Drivers have an expectation that mapping data is real-time and accounts for the latest in traffic patterns, accidents, and other obstacles. Build a foundation of live mapping data for the connected car. Ensure the cloud and analytics solution can scale and support inputs across millions of vehicles globally. The Solution Leveraged AWS public […]

Using Drones to Make Our Railroads Safer

The US railroad industry has one of the most sprawling and immensely critical pieces of infrastructure in North America. When failures or other issues occur, maintenance is highly manual and primarily reactive. When a failure is identified, a maintenance crew must be physically deployed to correct the problem. These maintenance corrections take time, causing delays […]

Pioneering Cloud in the Financial Services Industry

Natixis Global Asset Management ($874.5 billion AUM 1) is a multi-affiliate organization that offers a single point of access to more than 20 specialized investment firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The firm ranks among the world’s largest asset managers. Through its Durable Portfolio Construction philosophy, the company is dedicated to providing innovative ideas […]

Ensuring Safety on the Railroad

Challenges Railpod was in need of a cloud-based and highly scalable IoT solution that was capable of ingesting real-time and batched data to ensure safer railroad infrastructure across the global railroad market. RailPod drones increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through advanced sensing technologies and data as a service, RailPod enables […]

Working on the Railroad on AWS

Challenges Multiple streams of data in various sources and formats from global locations Multiple downstream systems that need to access the data Brittle current systems to manage data flows Frequent streaming failures that were difficult to find and fix Solutions Creation of a new, centralized application for the purpose of gathering and normalizing data Global […]

Building a Cloud Business Office and Minimum Viable Cloud on Azure

Challenges Organization restructure requires team to move entire suite of customer facing anti-virus software to Microsoft Azure Build a Cloud Business Office (CBO) and a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) with solid and secure infrastructure in order to prepare team for full scale migration and operation on public cloud within the next two years Central IT […]