Doppler Podcast

[Podcast] Avoiding the “Anti-Pattern” Swamp with Data Privacy and Security

It’s a brave new world when it comes to data privacy and security, as companies work to comply with regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR. No matter the size of the company or where they fall on the compliance spectrum, technology and culture change are both critical drivers of success. We […]

[Podcast] Securing Applications Across Hybrid Environments

Securing applications in a hybrid world can be a challenge. Companies that try to control threat vectors across cloud platforms and infrastructure environments with the same set of tools often run into trouble. We discuss how containers and serverless platforms are starting to solve some of these security challenges – how their shared responsibility models […]

[Podcast] Getting Your Cloud Infrastructure to Work for You

How do you get the most out of your cloud investment? We discuss how Densify uses machine learning analytics to help customers optimize utilization and cloud billing. One direct path to optimization is to “practice basic hygiene.” Andrew discusses how developers’ concerns about resource constrictions leads them to over-order and purchase mismatched solutions. Understanding usage […]

Podcast: Cloud-Native Doesn’t Have One Definition

What does “cloud native” really mean? Ask different organizations, or even different business units, and you’ll get hugely disparate answers. The fact is, there is no one answer and there’s no manual for cloud computing, which can make it difficult for seasoned executive to grasp the new technology ecosystem that has evolved in recent years. […]

Podcast: “With CTP, it’s like playing on the All-Star team, everyday.”

This week we’re switching things up and digging into a topic we know even better than cloud: What it’s like working at CTP. While there is no shortage in the number of organizations that need help migrating, modernizing and building applications in the cloud, there is a shortage in the amount of talent filling those […]

Podcast: Zero Trust Networks in 2019

Zero Trust Networks, a concept which assumes the perimeter defenses guarding your network aren’t as secure as you might think, has been around since Forrester coined the phrase almost a decade ago. We discuss how Google, an early adopter of the Zero Trust Network concept, is able to secure 1.5 billion Gmail accounts globally and […]