Doppler Podcast

Inside-Out at HPE — Working With Customers To Meet Developer Needs

Three-and-a-half years ago, CTP started working with HPE as change agents to help in how they used and consumed information technology. In one of the use cases, they were asked to work with an HPE team of about 450 developers who were using a particular waterfall method, said Robert Christiansen, vice president of Global Cloud […]

Quit Looking at the Shiny New Technology Object, Focus on the Practical

We discuss how companies often forget to focus on the basics and jump right into the latest industry trend. It’s not enough to know 90% of your network inventory when that could leave 200 servers vulnerable. Organizations must remember that it’s typically the details that cause you problems in the long run. We also dive […]

Data Analytics and Disposable Code in Financial Services

We discuss data analytics in the financial services industry and why the difference between perceived risk and actual risk is causing a lack of understanding about where data security is most appropriate. We also look at the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process that exists in traditional data warehouse today and argue why instead the ELT […]

The Need for Speed, and Education, in a Container World

We discuss the increased adoption of DevOps and containers across the enterprise. Many large organizations, especially those in the Financial Services industry, have already surpassed the experimentation and POC development phase and are now moving towards production environments with the technology. We look at how companies are helping their employees cross the learning chasm with […]

Dave Linthicum on Public Cloud Momentum

We discuss why enterprises are adopting public and hybrid cloud strategies, the decline of private cloud and PaaS, and the announcements we expect to hear at re:Invent 2017. With increased cost savings and agility coming from public and hybrid cloud strategies, more enterprises are ditching private cloud and PaaS solutions. Can’t make it to re:Invent […]