Reduce your costs by gaining a holistic view of your cloud spend.



Continuous Cost Control

For IT leaders at any stage of their cloud journey, there is an overwhelming volume of financial data to manage – much more than traditional IT estates. Most teams lack the tools and experience necessary to make data-driven decisions to optimize their cloud spend.

CTP’s Continuous Cost Control provides end-to-end visibility of cloud financials, as well as detailed analysis and recommendations for reducing your cloud costs.

Continuous Cost Control Dashboard - CTP

Continuous Cost Control aligns your cloud costs with business groups for improved financial accountability.



What is Continuous Cost Control?

Continuous Cost Control is a managed service delivered by CTP that helps you gain visibility into your cloud spending and ensures your financial objectives are achieved during – and after – your move to the cloud.


Continuous Cost Control provides clients with:

  • A holistic view of all costs associated with an enterprise cloud program including legacy and projected application and infrastructure costs
  • Smart application tagging and mapping of actual spend, enabling application owner accountability
  • Reconciliation of actual cloud costs back to business case ROI/TCO projections
  • Executive and operational dashboards showing the real-time status of AWS and Cloud Adoption Program related costs
  • Monitoring and alerting of costs anomalies, with recommendations for cost optimization
  • CTP’s expertise to identify and execute proven cost saving opportunities


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