DevOps Consulting Services

Advance your DevOps and continuous delivery capabilities for increased automation and efficiency.

With years of experience working with traditional and DevOps-enabled organizations, we understand both cultures and what it takes to transition from one to the other over time.

DevOps Maturity Assessment

Understand what DevOps means for your company, where you stand today, where you’re headed and, most importantly, develop a plan to get there.
Cloud Technology Partners DevOps Maturity Assessment is a hands-on workshop to define what DevOps means for your organization. We align your team around a common end-state vision and create an actionable plan on how to get there. We’ll share our deep experience and knowledge of DevOps to help you get started on the right path to continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Automated Infrastructure Services

Experience the full agility and elasticity of the cloud.
From resources overwhelmed with current IT backlogs and legacy systems, to a lack of internal skills on new processes and technologies, we understand IT automation challenges and have the expertise to solve them. Leveraging experience across more than 350 cloud engagements, CTP provides a small team at your site to clear out your IT backlog and reduce your time to production from months to days, while improving security, governance and productivity.


DevOps Training and Certification

Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption is possible. Learn from the experts and gain your DevOps certification.
Good DevOps practices deliver the speed, quality and reliability you need to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve the best results possible you must embrace cultural transformation and adopt an enterprise-wide approach.

We’ve developed a four-tiered certification program that provides the tools your team needs to successfully transition into a DevOps environment.





On-Demand Webinar

Migrating to the Cloud with Chef & CTP

As you move your applications to the cloud, Chef and CTP make your migration path not just smooth, but fast.
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DevOps Webinar Series

In this 3 part webinar series, we explore how enterprises can derive the greatest value from DevOps, adjust their architecture to maximize DevOps impact, and use DevOps as an organizational change agent to deliver high-quality software, better, faster and cheaper.

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