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IoT Consulting Services

With the emergence of smart sensors and connected devices, the Internet of Things has surpassed becoming “the next big thing” and claimed its place as a key disruptive technology affecting nearly all enterprises today.

CTP delivers a broad range of IoT consulting and implementation services that use the power of the cloud to solve today’s most challenging business problems.




What do cloud native IoT solutions look like?

IoT Solutions




We leverage proven methodologies, deep cloud expertise and our world-class team to develop enterprise-scale IoT solutions for a wide range of use cases.


Predictive Maintenance

Trade Finance Automation

Asset Management & Tracking

Logistics Optimization

Device Management

Autonomy & Control


“Cloud Technology Partners has helped us build an enterprise-class IoT solution on AWS that enables RailPod to be a global leader in infrastructure information production to ensure safer railroads across the global railroad market.”

– Brendan English, Founder and CEO of RailPod



Remote Data Collection

  • Telemetry data from locomotives, railcars/wagons, wayside devices, etc.
  • Sensor data from manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, oil and gas, and other devices.
  • Application data from internal and external applications.

Secure and Highly Scalable

  • Collect data from multiple sources.
  • Securely stores and process data.
  • Distribute data to other applications or destinations.

CTP Provides End-to-End IoT Consulting & Implementation Services

  • Sensors & Devices
  • Gateways
  • Device Clouds

  • Apps
  • Mobility
  • Public Clouds


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