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Provisioning Speed in the Cloud

There is a plethora of benefits to be gained from utilizing public cloud computing. Whether cost savings, improved security or increased agility is your primary driver, there are many additional compelling reasons to make the move to public cloud. To us, one of the most important value-adds of the cloud is speed — specifically, speed […]

[Podcast] Securing Applications Across Hybrid Environments

Securing applications in a hybrid world can be a challenge. Companies that try to control threat vectors across cloud platforms and infrastructure environments with the same set of tools often run into trouble. We discuss how containers and serverless platforms are starting to solve some of these security challenges – how their shared responsibility models […]

Data Gravity and Its Impact on Data Protection Strategies

Data security was a straightforward process back when organizations stored all their data in on-premises IT environments. Organizations used the “lobster” security model – building hard-shelled exteriors to fend off threats at the perimeter — but they had fewer internal protections for the soft, delicious data inside. In a cloud-oriented world, data protection is much […]

BJ’s Wholesale Club Opens Its Doors to the Cloud

Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, BJ’s is the leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States. The company currently operates 217 clubs and 138 BJ’s Gas® locations in 16 states. BJ’s Wholesale Club is known for delivering value to its members on thousands of products. The chain offers everything families need, from fresh […]

[Podcast] Getting Your Cloud Infrastructure to Work for You

How do you get the most out of your cloud investment? We discuss how Densify uses machine learning analytics to help customers optimize utilization and cloud billing. One direct path to optimization is to “practice basic hygiene.” Andrew discusses how developers’ concerns about resource constrictions leads them to over-order and purchase mismatched solutions. Understanding usage […]