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Calculating the Break-even Point: an AWS Example

Instance:  m5.large (2 vCPU, 8 GB Memory), running Amazon Linux Region:  US East (northern Virginia) On-demand (pay-as-you-go):  $0.096/hour Standard 1-year Reserved Instance, all paid upfront:  $501 ($41.75/month) Formula:Calculation: Interpretation: If this instance is expected to run for more than 435 hours each month, consider a 1-year reservation. If this instance is expected to run for less than 435 hours […]

Best Practices for Managing Spend in the Cloud

Depending on which sources you read, you may have expected your cloud program to generate IT cost reductions of 40 percent to 50 percent, and have been disappointed to achieve savings far less than that.[1] Gartner sees organizations reporting saving an average of 16 percent by moving to public cloud, but, generally speaking, higher cost […]

[Podcast] Tapping into ‘The Zen of High-Performance Travel’

For those of us in the tech sector, jet travel is part of the deal. It can be time consuming and mind numbing. Everybody seems to have a few tricks up their sleeves to make their own trips more manageable. Some share tips with their friends. CTP’s own Robert Christiansen, a Doppler podcast co-host, goes […]

CIOps vs. GitOps: What’s the Difference?

While CI/CD has become synonymous with application deployments, end-to-end CI/CD for infrastructure is fragmented and challenging for many enterprises. The pace of adopting a DevOps culture within the developer community seems more agile than within infrastructure operations, as developers reap immediate benefits, with unit testing and containerization significantly reducing bugs and time to market. Standards […]

The Innovation Enablement Value Chain

After helping to lead transformations for over 20 years at a global asset manager, I found my true passion is leading change. Examples of these engagements include a successful migration off the mainframe, a cross functional leadership team focused on the customer experience, a large business unit technology divestiture and several technology migrations. Recently, I […]