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Podcast: Skating to Where the Puck is Going

Many organizations have started asking not whether they will move to the cloud, but when and what they will move to the cloud. Over the past 13 years, cloud computing was just one of the mega-trends Box placed their bets on. The content management organization also invested heavily in on-the-go mobile access for their customers, […]

The Serverless Cloud Security Model: A Point Of View

Introduction Over the course of a few years, enterprises have been exploring serverless technology for application development, system automation and a host of other use cases. After initial research and experimentation on smaller projects, companies are now realizing the viability of the serverless model for their core, business-critical workloads. Serverless technology is being adopted by […]

Rethink Analytics: Don’t Be Fooled By Cloud Washing

The choices facing today’s enterprise executives are far more complex than whether to adopt cloud or not – that is mostly decided. The question is how to do it well. In particular, are the tools they are using to monitor performance and security truly built to run and scale in their cloud environment. Many vendors […]

Gaining a Transparent View for a Cloud-Right Strategy

When Cloud Technology Partners was founded in 2010, cloud was still relatively new to the market. We saw a few early adopters [think Capital One] that went all in on public cloud early, but the majority of our work was private cloud implementations or small proof of concept environments on AWS. Fast forward nine years […]

IT Operations and Developers – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Alexander Graham Bell famously said, “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” I agree wholeheartedly with Bell’s declaration, but what if the people you’re trying to bring together mix about as well as oil and water? That’s the challenge of cloud teams. How can you get IT Operations (IT Ops) to […]

Admitting You Have a Problem With Your Cloud Transformation

It’s frequently said that the first step in solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. In the midst of a high-stakes cloud transformation, all too often a business can’t clearly see the problem before them. Here’s a typical scenario: You’re six months into your public cloud transformation; everything is slowing down, and you’re […]