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Next Generation Managed Services

Our Next Generation Managed Services solutions bring a pragmatic approach to managing enterprise cloud environments. We provide the tools and expertise required to accelerate your deployments, simplify your operations and empower your team to make more data-driven decisions that optimize costs, improve compliance and reduce risk.


CTP is an AWS Managed Service Partner offering proactive monitoring, automation and management of AWS environments.



Take control of your cloud.

Successfully managing an enterprise cloud environment is a monumental task. For highly regulated industries like Financial Services and Healthcare, or organizations running multi-cloud environments, the added complexity makes stringent control even more critical. Having completed over 350 enterprise cloud engagements, we know which management approach works – and those that don’t. Based on these learnings, we developed a set of targeted managed services solutions to help you take control of your cloud.


Pursue pragmatic compliance.

Find peace of mind and reduce costs around governance, risk and compliance in the cloud with Continuous Compliance.

Continuous Compliance provides a single source of truth across GRC (governance, risk and compliance) enabling real-time monitoring and remediation.

  • Single view for regulatory and corporate compliance, and security governance
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts
  • Early warning, prevention and remediation
  • Minimizes audit preparation time and costs
  • Always “audit ready”

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continuous compliance



Reconcile your cloud costs.

Continuously monitor, manage and optimize costs in the cloud with Continuous Cost Control.

Continuous Cost Control provides a holistic view of enterprise financials as clients migrate to and operate on the cloud.

  • End-to-end visibility of financial metrics
  • Cost comparison between current baseline costs, TCO calculations and actual cloud spend leveraging best in class cost management tools
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts
  • Recommendations and cost optimization

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 cost controls




Get down to cloud business.

Govern and optimize all of your organization’s cloud activities with The Cloud Business Office.

The CBO serves as the central point of decision-making and communication for your cloud program – both internal and external to your company including:

  • Cloud Engineering
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Communications
  • Third Parties
  • Enterprise Supplier Management
  • App Owners
  • Information Security
  • Operations
  • IT Finance
  • Human Resources

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