Next Generation Big Data

We build solutions for your big data so you can realize the benefits of cloud for your data, sooner.

The sheer volume and speed of data is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to manage. As expectations of data analysis rise and budgets shrink, enterprises are turning to public cloud to provide a secure big data environment at a lower cost.


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Realize the benefits of cloud for big data:

  • Ingest new and larger data streams in real time
  • Redeploy resources managing first-generation big data systems
  • Increase savings and accessibility of data
  • Lay the foundation for advancing IoT projects
  • Move at the speed of business demands

Supporting AWS, Azure and GCP



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Delivering Deep Cloud Expertise to Your Team

What will it take to empower your data scientists and analysts to ingest big data faster and more efficiently on the cloud? Ask about our one-day big data workshop covering strategy, economics, operations and governance.

Our one day workshop includes:

  • Cloud-enabled big data & best practices
  • Organizational data strategy
  • Data governance
  • Big data platforms
  • Real-life case studies
  • Identification of analytical workloads for migration to the cloud

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