David Linthicum

Cloud Pundit

David Linthicum is an internationally recognized cloud computing expert and thought leader. With more than 13 books on computing, 3,000 published articles, 500 conference presentations and numerous appearances on radio and TV programs, David has spent the last 30 years teaching businesses how to use resources more productively. He has expanded the vision of both startups and established corporations as to what is possible and achievable. David’s experience with cloud computing dates back to 1999 when he published a key paper about the use of infrastructure resources that can be delivered over the open Internet.

David’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO and CEO of several successful public and private software companies, and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies. Dave has delivered over $2 billion dollars in value by transforming companies from traditional to innovative technologies, moving them to lucrative exits that benefitted investors, employees, and customers. Prior to joining Cloud Technology Partners, David founded Blue Mountain Labs, a cloud computing consulting and advisory firm (sold to Bick Ventures in Feb. 2010).

David enjoys working on his collection of motorcycles, as well as lifting weights. He thinks about playing golf, but rarely has the time. He’s been active with animal adoption charities for the last several years supporting “no kill” shelters and adoption programs that leverage social networks.

David is a graduate from George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia, and still remains active with the alumni. He has been an adjunct professor of computer science for over 10 years and teaches courses on system design and database engineering.

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