Accelerate your cloud transformation by leveraging our proven tools, methodologies and IP.

Cloud Adoption

Ensuring quality, repeatability and consistency at every stage of your cloud transformation.

Developing a Board-Level Business Case

We have advanced financial models and ROI / TCO tools to help you determine the economic feasibility of moving to your target cloud environment.

Assessing Your Application Portfolio

Honed through the completion of hundreds of application assessments, we’ve developed a custom software tool that clearly identifies the applications that deliver the highest benefit of moving to the cloud.

Analyzing Your Application Code

How ready are your applications for the cloud? We’ve built a code analysis tool that helps optimize your applications for the cloud and automatically detects and remediates hundreds of source-level coding errors in minutes.

Enhancing Your Cloud Security & Governance

We are cloud security experts and have built reference architectures, assessment and remediation tools, and other advanced security software to provide policy governance and the administration of cloud resources as code.


Application Development

Accelerating your digital innovation and software development initiatives.

CTP Central

Virtually every cloud application we build requires a multi-tenant framework, complete with access control, roles, logging and monitoring. We’ve developed a SaaS framework for multi-tenant administration of users, orgs, permissions and subscriptions that allows you to easily deploy new cloud-based applications using the same scalable framework.

Reusable Architectures

We’ve developed standardized code and data frameworks for IoT, mobile, event-based and other cloud-native applications that are most commonly used by our enterprise clients. This dramatically accelerates time to market while reducing risk, complexity and improving the quality of your software.