The Agility Bubble

Mainstream IT is under a great burden – to lower operational costs and unleash agility. These oil-and-water, conflicting objectives are at the core of the lead­ership churn occurring behind the walls of today’s most trusted institutions. CXOs are freaking out. The heavy weight of technical debt and fast-moving competitive waters leave little room for classic […]

Are Full Stack Teams an IT Utopia?

Over the years, there have been numerous articles about full stack development and full stack engineers. The conversation has been relevant primarily to soft­ware development activities (specifically web development), and less so to other efforts. Opinions on this topic range wildly between the need for deep specializa­tion in a specific area or two, versus taking […]

Agile Practices in Fixed-Price Contracts

In fixed-price contracts, the payment amount does not depend on the resources used or time expended. This type of contract is usually preferred by clients, since they think it puts all the risk on the vendor’s side. In reality, such a contract may involve issues for both client and vendor. Agile practices such as Scrum […]