Application Development

Applications are Now Built for Innovation, Not Just for Efficiency

We discuss the differences between open-source database systems like MongoDB and relational databases that use SQL.  In the early days of open-source, it used to be built to replicate what proprietary software did well. Today, open-source is the innovator because that is what developers expect and need to be successful. In many ways MongoDB builds […]

Ensuring Safety on the Railroad

Challenges Railpod was in need of a cloud-based and highly scalable IoT solution that was capable of ingesting real-time and batched data to ensure safer railroad infrastructure across the global railroad market. RailPod drones increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through advanced sensing technologies and data as a service, RailPod enables […]

Developing an Employee Intelligence Solution on Google Cloud

Challenges Unusual behavior among employees goes unnoticed in large enterprises leading to widespread problems (i.e. rogue trading in banks) Existing alert systems collect data and act separately from one another. Client needed a visually appealing, easy to navigate user interface for displaying and interpreting data Solutions Develop an Employee Intelligence Solution (EIS) demo that gathers […]

Testing the Cloud’s Glass Backbone

When most people visualize the cloud, they see an ethereal, non-physical thing that connects their devices to vast amounts of computing power and nearly unlimited troves of data and information. For Andrew Blum, a writer for Wired and author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, that illusion was shattered on the […]

Predictive Maintenance Big Data Framework

Objectives A leading provider of self-service kiosks, automated teller machines and financial security services, required a cost effective framework for analyzing machine generated data from over 200,000 globally distributed devices. Part of a larger cloud initiative, the firm’s CIO turned to big data technologies to help accelerate the company’s goal of “setting the pace of […]

Creating a Unified Customer Data Portal on Google Cloud

Challenges Company expanding globally while moving from B2B to B2C Customer data is currently departmental and linking data silos together will provide untapped business insights No way to easily identify loyal customers to provide them with red carpet service Call center agents around the world need to access customer information Customer journey and user experience […]