Application Migration

Modernizing Applications: Moving From Virtual Machines to Containers

Shifting from virtual machines to Docker containers allows developers to deliver changes in a fraction of the time. And once an app is in a container, it’s portable. So the team can move it freely from AWS to Azure to Google Cloud, back to on-premise, optimizing the benefits of a hybrid environment. Problem is, development […]

Six Key Enablers For Large-Scale Application Migration to the Public Cloud

In working with many clients across hundreds of projects, we continually hear similar themes around large scale migration efforts. Here are the areas where our clients most commonly struggle: Scale and Velocity Requirements for Migrating Large Numbers of Applications Most organizations take months to create future state application deployment architectures, and then migrate a single […]

The Cloud Just Simplified Your Business Processes

The adoption of cloud computing is often seen as a way to consume IT as a utility, just as a company purchases electricity or raw commodities. Many organizations also see cloud as a way to accelerate the deployment of new capabilities that will make them more competitive in their markets. While these are powerful reasons […]

Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What’s the Difference?

We discuss the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Hybrid is anything that’s not just one cloud provider, which includes multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is a strategy where some workloads are running on one cloud, some on another. One trend we see is that big enterprises are splitting workloads more and more between at least two major […]