Big Data

Untangling Data Entanglement

In the technology world, buzzwords and analogies flood the landscape. Analogies help us explain unfamiliar concepts in familiar terms, and when the analogy strikes a chord, it often launches a buzzword. This can be helpful in bridging the communications gap between technology and business. “Data gravity” is one of those buzzwords that now permeate our […]

Navigating the Azure Data Pipelines

In a recent Doppler article, “Big Data on Microsoft Azure: from Insights to Action”, we discussed how batch movement and real-time movement pipelines can be run independently or in tandem, giving an organization the ability to generate insights from multiple data paths. In this article, we discuss the steps involved and the opportunities to be […]

Podcast: Making the Wickedly Complex Scalable

Operating in the cloud is different. Your old tools won’t work here. We discuss the leading indicators of cloudwashing you should be looking for when selecting tools for the cloud. We also discuss “dark data” and how organizations can overcome platform scalability challenges. Ben shares how Sumo Logic is helping their own customers ingest data […]

Big Data on Microsoft Azure: from Insights to Action

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” More than 100 years after it was written, this observation by fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes still rings true. Businesses today rarely act – or even contemplate an action – without analyzing troves of data. They can make good use of data, in part, because […]

Kubernetes’ Expanding Role in Data Science

In a few short years, containers have established themselves as indispensable tools for managing portable, stateless applications like Web servers and microservices. But they have taken time to catch on in the world of data science where they have been viewed as too lightweight to package and manage complex, stateful services dealing with big data. […]

Tuning Out the Static to Improve Radio Content Curation

The U.S. radio market is a competitive business that is undergoing significant change. Operators are being pressured by new rivals in digital, satellite and Internet radio, including subscription services, such as Pandora and Spotify. More than 15,000 stations vie for $18 billion in annual U.S. radio advertising spend – a figure projected to grow by […]