Big Data

Applications are Now Built for Innovation, Not Just for Efficiency

We discuss the differences between open-source database systems like MongoDB and relational databases that use SQL.  In the early days of open-source, it used to be built to replicate what proprietary software did well. Today, open-source is the innovator because that is what developers expect and need to be successful. In many ways MongoDB builds […]

Top Six Reasons to Choose Public Cloud for Big Data Projects

Companies that are making a platform choice for Big Data implementations must ask themselves: What are the value propositions public cloud providers offer? Unfortunately, many companies do not seem to have a clear picture of the growth, innovation and service offerings that the main three public cloud providers; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and […]

Explosion of Big Data Leads to the Exposition of Data Integration

A new report from Forrester talks about the explosion of big data, with non-relational databases making up the bulk of the growth. The report, claimed to be a first of its kind from the analyst firm, is titled: Big Data Management Solutions Forecast 2016 to 2021. In essence, the report argues that NoSQL and Hadoop […]

Building a Platform for Machine Learning and Analytics

Introduction Predictive analytics and supporting technologies like machine learning require access to diverse data sets and powerful, scalable compute resources. Modern capabilities, including predictive analytics and machine learning, enable organizations to leverage large amounts of data from social media, online journeys, the Internet of things (IoT) and other sources to enable data driven decisions across […]

Data Science and Asking the Right Questions

We discuss careers in cloud computing, emphasizing the importance of quality Data Scientists and Product Managers. There is currently a lack of Data Science talent, and the road to more is through training both at the university level and by current employers. It is hard to cultivate a data mindset, because it requires a level […]

Consider the Strategic Value of Cloud Storage

Enterprises continue to focus on moving to the cloud, with almost every company exploring some form of cloud environment. At 95 percent in 2016, we could be nearing the saturation point of the market. In spite of that, enterprises are not looking at public cloud based storage systems as much as they should. The money […]