Big Data

Turning Banking Upside Down

Virgin Money is a financial services brand used by three independent brand licensees in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. Virgin Money UK offers savings, mortgages, credit cards, current accounts, currency services, pensions, investments and protection products to over three million customers across the country. Banking in the UK has traditionally been an old-school […]

Out with Data Lakes and In With Enterprise Data Platforms

From the time the term “data lake” first appeared in 2010, organizations rushed to build them. They were driven by a vision of unified data access for the entire organization, transforming their legacy firms into modern, data-driven companies. Many companies spent millions of dollars deploying and operating these complex systems with many integration points. At […]

Empowering Your Data Science Team with an Infrastructure-Focused Approach

Many data scientists struggle to effectively deliver insights to company leadership because they cannot rapidly access the diverse set of tools needed to complete their tasks. Their frustration is often directed at the IT infrastructure teams, whose role is to provide services for consumption across the business. The challenge often emanates from the lack of […]

Why Data Catalogs Should be the Linchpin in Your Cloud Data Strategy

Data lakes have become a foundation for many organizations’ data environments. While these data lakes provide new capabilities, many enterprises are struggling to derive full value due to the operational overhead of managing multiple new interfaces, tools, data sets and integration points. These data lakes often become “data swamps” due to the large amount of […]

Sailing the Great Big Data Lakes

In my younger days (we won’t discuss how long ago that was), I decided to take up sailing. I had always been fascinated watching sailboats, gliding smoothly along the water, with nothing but wind as their engine. My first lesson on the water was an exhilarating and eye opening experience. The instructor took me out […]

Public Cloud Computing Gets Real

We discuss what it’s been like tracking cloud computing trends for the past ten years. We look at public cloud. Are we leveling out on features and functions to stuff into public cloud? At some point, pricing wars with public cloud providers will end. Providers will need to differentiate fast. It will be interesting to see if AWS […]