Big Data

Digital Edge Strategy and Why Enterprises Should Care

We discuss digital edge computing and why it’s important for enterprises to embrace. Every new product today needs sensors to gather information and send it back to the manufacturer for feedback and safety information. This applies to everything from autonomous cars and fitness gear, to elevators and the military. The tricky part about these sensors is […]

AWS Glue Saves the Day and the Future of Big Data

We discuss modern-day data analytics for enterprises. We look at new and old AWS products like AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis, and Redshift. AWS Kinesis is something Thorn Technologies leveraged to create a product that allowed them to capture location data to track user behavior data at large trade shows. At first, it was hard to […]

Edge Computing and How it Transforms Enterprises

We discuss the many definitions floating around for what edge computing is. Some call it fog computing or MEC (mobile edge computing). It is simple. It’s the understanding that as wireless networks and person-to-person interaction shifts to machine-to-machine interaction, underlying architectures must change along with that shift. For things like IoT and distributed data, they […]

Diversifying Data Storage Locations for Large Enterprises

We discuss the different capabilities of Commvault, from cloud data management to cloud automation, Ransomare protection, and beyond. Essentially, Commvault makes data less costly to move to the cloud. Commvault differentiates themselves from competitors based on their scaleability, indexing, deep metadata search, deep content search and high security capabilities. Ultimately, large enterprises want to diversify […]

Intelligent Mapping for the Connected Car

The Challenges Drivers have an expectation that mapping data is real-time and accounts for the latest in traffic patterns, accidents, and other obstacles. Build a foundation of live mapping data for the connected car. Ensure the cloud and analytics solution can scale and support inputs across millions of vehicles globally. The Solution Leveraged AWS public […]

The Internet of Everything: Storage and Use Cases of Data in IoT

    Data is collected in IoT solutions for a purpose – it is transformed into information which is subsequently used to produce actionable insights. The three primary types of IoT data, in order of volume, are: Time based (time series, time interval), e.g. power, voltage, current, temperature and humidity Geospatial, e.g. person/device location Asset […]