Business Continuity

DRaaS: The Guide to Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Backup and disaster recovery (DR) services and planning are not particularly exciting, but they will certainly lead to excitement if appropriate data security and robustness plans have not been prepared. When the topic of DR arises, many people (even those who should know better!) still think of tapes that have to be rotated and couriered […]

Enterprises Can Compete with Startups on Cloud and Innovation

We discuss the AWS outage and how it should not come as such a surprise because cloud provider outages should be expected from time to time. For a lot of companies, the outage was a wake up call not to move away from cloud, but that they need to make the right architectural decisions about the cloud […]

Cloud Management Will Save You

It’s 3 a.m. and your e-commerce site is down. You don’t know about it until you awake at 6 a.m.—OK, 7 a.m. It turns out to be an issue in your cloud service, and you spend a few hours to fix the remote servers. As with power-cycling the Wi-Fi router at home, things return to […]

Don’t Kick the Cloud – Design for Failure!

By now I am sure you have seen dozens of articles, thousands of tweets, and continued commentary on the S3 outage that AWS suffered on February 28th. It led to the disruption of thousands of highly trafficked web sites, while sites such as Netflix stayed up due to their design practices, and their use of […]