Change Management

The Four Stages of Cloud Competence

In the 1970s, a psychologist named Noel Burch created a learning model to describe how humans go through four stages of learning when introduced to a new skill. This model is known as The Four Stages of Competence. “Competence Hierarchy adapted from Noel Burch by Igor Kokcharov” by Kokcharov – Own work. Licensed under CC […]

Implementing a DevOps Culture

90% of all DevOps initiatives without a culture component fail, and culture is not easily or quickly changed. On this morning’s #c9d9 episode we asked our panelists to share their views on the most crucial component to any DevOps transformation: How do you foster a culture conducive of DevOps? How do you create an environment […]

Management is the Key to Effective Cloud Deployment

Typically, cloud management is the last topic of the day when I do a cloud workshop for IT pros. After sessions on big data migration and cloud bursting, eyes often roll when I move to the subject of cloud management. Most participants believe either that cloud-management features come as a part of a public cloud […]