Change Management

Six Key Activities to Sustain Your Cloud Transformation Initiative

Move to the cloud or die is a common headline in today’s tech journals. Such an alarming statement is not far from the truth. Any long-term technology roadmap worth executive consideration must have a significant cloud component. Unfortunately, research finds most multi-year IT transformations dominated by the technology prospects. All too often, leaders neglect to […]

Build, Buy or Borrow: a Talent Strategy for Success in the Cloud

If you’re a homeowner, you evaluate “build, buy or borrow” scenarios all the time. Tackling a landscaping project in your backyard is a good example. You could build a lasting solution by picking up the right tools and handling the job yourself. You could buy your way out of the problem by paying a couple […]

The Big Leap

The tsunami of technology disruption is far from over. As Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the taxi and hotel industries, the public cloud is disrupting the global IT industry. The disruption is so considerable, many of the long-standing job functions in IT will either be dramatically reduced or eliminated completely. The epicenter is in your […]

Change Management in the Second Decade of Modern Cloud

We discuss why hybrid cloud and change management are still important for companies in the second decade of modern cloud. With the exception of some startups born in the cloud, many enterprises never accepted the fact that the cloud would replace the data center. Organizations feel this is not an “or” discussion, it’s an “and” discussion. […]

Will Your Cloud Smarts be Rewarded?

Back on the topic of organizational impact around the implementation of cloud computing, I’ve had many questions about who’s going to be impacted. Better put, are IT organizations going to promote the better people to the top around the use of cloud computing? As I tell those who will listen, this is an opportunity for […]