Cloud Adoption

Five Powerful Ways for Leaders to Unlock Innovation

No one innovates to decrease a process or reduce the benefit. People innovate to bring life to a higher plane because improvement is a deeply held instinct. Yet innovation doesn’t just happen – it requires cultivation of forces that will disrupt the comfortable. If you are the leader, your number one job is to provide […]

Rethink Analytics: Don’t Be Fooled By Cloud Washing

The choices facing today’s enterprise executives are far more complex than whether to adopt cloud or not – that is mostly decided. The question is how to do it well. In particular, are the tools they are using to monitor performance and security truly built to run and scale in their cloud environment. Many vendors […]

Admitting You Have a Problem With Your Cloud Transformation

It’s frequently said that the first step in solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. In the midst of a high-stakes cloud transformation, all too often a business can’t clearly see the problem before them. Here’s a typical scenario: You’re six months into your public cloud transformation; everything is slowing down, and you’re […]

Why Continuous Improvement Is Critical to Master Early in Your DevOps and Cloud Journey

The term continuous improvement dates back to the 1950s, when management pioneer W. Edwards Deming first described it as a “system” that incorporates and recirculates feedback for the benefit of the system itself. The Process Excellence Network went on to define the term as “the ongoing effort to improve products, services and processes by making […]

5 Proven Tactics to Break up the Cloud Deployment Logjam

Breaking up log jams can be hazardous, requiring professionals with heavy equipment and even explosives. Many enterprises all over the world are embarking on a cloud transformation journey, and risky logjams involving people and processes are starting to threaten to disrupt their forward progress. Every organization is different, but certain tactics break up logjams in […]

Is Vendor Lock-In Keeping You Up at Night?

If we take our cues from article headlines, vendor lock-in apparently is very bad and should definitely be avoided, especially when moving to the cloud. A simple Google search will return many articles with this message. After all, everyone knows vendor lock-in is bad, right? Let’s begin by making sure we are all using the […]