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A Pilot’s Perspective on Enterprise Cloud Adoption

“The key to a great landing is a stabilized approach” Two of my passionate interests are aviation and leading enterprises in their cloud adoption journeys. Interestingly, I have discovered that enterprise cloud adoption is analogous to piloting an airplane. Common elements such as detailed planning and crisp, clear communications, combined with flawless execution, are all […]

Navigating the Cloud’s Most Challenging Blocker: Your People

The Hard Reality of Cloud Adoption We see the same story play out over and over again within the enterprise — people and process slowing down cloud adoption. Part of the problem is that we cloud technologists typically subscribe to a pure technology solution. We invest a heavy trust in the power of our designs. […]

Are You in Control of Your Cloud?

To thrive in tomorrow’s cloud-focused world, enterprises are turning to an entirely new category of managed services solutions that enable unprecedented control over IT compliance and costs in the cloud. According to a recent report from 451 Research, 60% of enterprise workloads will run in the cloud by mid-2018. If you’re keeping score, that is […]