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A Pilot’s Perspective on Enterprise Cloud Adoption

“The key to a great landing is a stabilized approach” Two of my passionate interests are aviation and leading enterprises in their cloud adoption journeys. Interestingly, I have discovered that enterprise cloud adoption is analogous to piloting an airplane. Common elements such as detailed planning and crisp, clear communications, combined with flawless execution, are all […]

Navigating the Cloud’s Most Challenging Blocker: Your People

The Hard Reality of Cloud Adoption We see the same story play out over and over again within the enterprise — people and process slowing down cloud adoption. Part of the problem is that we cloud technologists typically subscribe to a pure technology solution. We invest a heavy trust in the power of our designs. […]

Are You in Control of Your Cloud?

To thrive in tomorrow’s cloud-focused world, enterprises are turning to an entirely new category of managed services solutions that enable unprecedented control over IT compliance and costs in the cloud. Since our inception we have been building clouds and moving applications to them. Over the years, we’ve learned that many of the traditional management and […]