Cloud Careers

Building a Rockstar Team is a Challenge By Any Standard

I completely understand that this is an extremely subjective matter and to quote Paul Simon: “one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor”. What’s a rockstar anyway? Building a high performance team dedicated to doing genome sequence research is most likely quite different than putting together eleven soccer players to win the World Cup or a […]

The Maturation of Architects, Operations and Developers in the Cloud

Many roles, including architects, operations and developers, will fundamentally change as new capabilities become available, the market continues to speed ahead and business demands greater levels of operational efficiency. It is important that every member of these organizations take ownership for their own career growth and identify where their careers are headed. Ownership means understanding […]

Empowering Your Data Science Team with an Infrastructure-Focused Approach

Many data scientists struggle to effectively deliver insights to company leadership because they cannot rapidly access the diverse set of tools needed to complete their tasks. Their frustration is often directed at the IT infrastructure teams, whose role is to provide services for consumption across the business. The challenge often emanates from the lack of […]

Transitioning the IT Interview: A Focus on Mission over Requirements

The rapid pace of public cloud adoption, coupled with the rapid pace of new feature releases and innovations, have created a new norm for how IT departments operate. One area where this is more apparent is in the hiring and retention of IT staff who have roles that demand an ability to change more rapidly […]

Making Cloud Successful Comes Down to People

We discuss the similarities and differences between VMs, containers and serverless computing.  A lot of organizations have optimized around VMs because they have a long history of virtualization and it’s what they understand. When containers came around, they were the hottest thing in cloud, and now serverless is here. VMs and serverless are still not […]

Get What You Deserve: What Cloud Jobs Pay

Thanks to compensation consultancy PayScale, we now have salary figures for a variety of cloud jobs, with ranges for roles, company size, and years of experience. So, what’s hot and what’s not? If you want to make the most money from your cloud job, the best-paid positions are: Enterprise IT (cloud) architect, with a median […]