Cloud Economics

The Cloud ROI Killers

Companies who are successful at implementing their cloud strategies can produce impressive returns on their investments. As we outlined in our recent Cloud Economics blog post, there are many ways to achieve a sound ROI in the cloud. To achieve these savings, a company must execute on its cloud strategy quickly and effectively. The longer […]

How Much Cloud Is Too Much Cloud?

I’m often asked: Should all application workloads exist in the public cloud? The right answer is one that most people don’t want to hear: It depends. It depends on what industry you’re in. It depends on performance expectations. It depends on security requirements. The list goes on. Some enterprises will reach the point where 80 […]

Executive Dilemma: Approve the Cloud, Get a Pay Cut

EBITDA is defined as a company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Although you likely have heard the term before, few people outside the executive suite (other than accountants) really know what it means. It’s widely used as a measurement of a company’s current operating profitability. But as a company moves to the cloud, […]

Cloud Economics 2.0

Executive Summary In our previous cloud economics post, we explored the bigger picture of cloud economics, taking into account the value of agility and other soft costs that are often not considered in traditional CapEx vs. OpEx discussions. In this article, we uncover the best strategies for the financial monitoring of cloud services, which is […]

Cloud Computing’s True Value Can’t Be Measured in Dollars

The new Trends in Cloud Computing report from CompTIA states that “many large IT departments see the cloud primarily as a great way to cut expenses. And that’s a major reason why the cloud — public, private or hybrid — is an increasingly relevant factor in IT growth.” What company doesn’t want to save money? […]

3 Key Factors Missing from Your Cloud Business Case

You want to justify some IT spending for cloud-based platforms. Your CEO or board has asked for a business case, and you’ve been scrambling to create one. Of course, you’ll include obvious items like capex versus opex. However, most business cases miss three important concepts: 1. The value of agility Yes, again. The problem with […]