Cloud Management Platforms

Five Essentials for Managing Hybrid Cloud

If you use cloud computing, chances are good that you leverage some sort of hybrid cloud as part of your environment. Until recently, this usually meant pairing a private and public cloud, such as OpenStack and Amazon Web Services. Today, the term “hybrid” typically means legacy, or traditional, systems paired with one or more public […]

Cloud Management Will Save You

It’s 3 a.m. and your e-commerce site is down. You don’t know about it until you awake at 6 a.m.—OK, 7 a.m. It turns out to be an issue in your cloud service, and you spend a few hours to fix the remote servers. As with power-cycling the Wi-Fi router at home, things return to […]

7 Essential Open-source Tools for Cloud Management

You’re already using open-source management tools for traditional on-premises systems. But if you’re moving workloads to the cloud, you’re going to need open-source analogs, and chances are that your existing tools don’t support that. So which tools are worth considering, and how do you choose? The place to start is with a clear definition of […]

Cisco’s CliQr Cloud Purchase is Bad News for Enterprises

In another example of consolidation in the cloud market, Cisco Systems intends to buy cloud-management platform provider CliQr Technologies for $260 million. That’s not good news for IT shops pursuing a multicloud strategy. Cloud-orchestration tools like CliQr’s are important for enterprise admins to deploy and manage applications across the gamut of bare-metal, virtualized, and container-based […]

5 Steps to Building a Cloud-Ready Application Architecture

Anyone who has built applications understands that applications designed specifically for the platform on which they’ll run will perform better and are more resilient and easier to manage. Developing for public or private cloud platforms is no exception. However, few people understand exactly how to go about designing and building a cloud application architecture for […]

The Importance of Cloud Management Platforms for Multi-Cloud Deployments

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The use of cloud-based platforms in the technology industry continues to evolve into more complex multicloud arrangements involving a mix of public and private cloud resources. Why? The business world now demands many best-of-breed cloud services to form the optimal solution. Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) are fast becoming the critical component for successfully […]