Developing Your Own ‘Cloud Native Manifesto’

The term “cloud native” gets tossed around a lot these days – particularly inside organizations that are just getting started on their cloud journeys. Stakeholders, after all, want to embrace the cloud for all it has to offer. The idea that cloud could be embedded – natively – in the organization’s DNA, and extend out […]

Why Elastic Applications Are Key to Your Cloud Future

Elasticity is a defining characteristic of the cloud. Cloud’s ability to scale infrastructure resources up and down in a dynamic way gives organizations the flexibility to do more, pay less and operate more efficiently. But what about the applications themselves that run on the cloud? Are they elastic by definition? Just because an app in […]

Podcast: Cloud-Native Doesn’t Have One Definition

What does “cloud native” really mean? Ask different organizations, or even different business units, and you’ll get hugely disparate answers. The fact is, there is no one answer and there’s no manual for cloud computing, which can make it difficult for seasoned executive to grasp the new technology ecosystem that has evolved in recent years. […]

Utilizing Container-Based Functions in a Serverless World

Over the past few years, serverless and containers emerged as winners for building modern infrastructure. Each of these technologies have their own sweet spots and challenges. Highly customized container workloads might require sophisticated orchestrator infrastructure with high reliability. Serverless cloud services are limited when it comes to application portability, barring some recent advancements, such as […]

Beware the ‘Cloudwash’: Five Signs Your Vendor Is Pulling One Over on You

You know what is going on when somebody whitewashes a controversial subject or greenwashes an environmentally unsound service. They are tricking you. Cloudwashing is pretty much the same thing, but it can sometimes be harder to spot. It is important to know cloudwashing when you see it. When a vendor tries to cloudwash a traditional, […]

Strategize Your Journey to the Cloud-Native World: A Look at Containers and Serverless

If you have embraced the concept of cloud-native computing, your organization is set up for success in today’s competitive IT environment. You have already made significant progress. You have signed on to the basic tenets of modern IT management practices like DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices and containers. You have set a goal to create applications […]