Cloud Providers

A Meal Fit for a Cloud: How to Apply Data Analytics in Your Migration Planning

Migrating a large number of applications to the public cloud is a complicated process. There are many strategic questions organizations need to answer, steps to consider and areas where migrators commonly struggle. In an earlier Doppler article, we discussed some of these pitfalls and outlined six key enablers that teams should put in place to […]

When Technology Isn’t Enough: Cloud Platform Services Don’t Run Themselves

Imagine you invented a new kind of truck chassis. To build it, you developed the most highly automated, efficient manufacturing process in the world, creating highly reliable truck frames that can accommodate a variety of custom configurations: delivery trucks, plumbing trucks, flatbed transports, mobile laboratories, etc. However, when you release your new truck chassis line, […]

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid?

Up until recently, hybrid cloud was a pretty hotly debated topic. On second thought, it probably still is, but I believe the argument is now close to being settled. Those who followed cloud developments over the last decade have probably personally witnessed more than one example of “cloud is going to rule the world,” “on-premises […]

Is Google Cloud Platform Ready for the Enterprise?

Over the past few years, most of the enterprise cloud story has been focused on AWS and Azure, while Google was often pushed to the background with comments like “it is a great platform/technology, but it is just not ready for the enterprise.” In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene reflected […]

Building Your Own Gravity

The Importance of Ecosystems Here is a good test. Look at your smartphone and answer the following: How many third-party apps do you have installed, beyond those that came with the phone? With any new technology, such as your smartphone, no single solution or toolset can do it all. Some technologies may cover the bases, […]

The Secret Sauce for IoT Platform Selection

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues its explosive, exponential growth as the “killer app” for both the cloud and for edge computing. And it’s easy to see why from a number of angles: For manufacturers and product owners, IoT enables new, connected features that increase capabilities, customer “stickiness” and, ultimately, revenue growth. For technology vendors, […]