Cloud Strategy

Pioneering Cloud in the Financial Services Industry

Natixis Global Asset Management ($874.5 billion AUM 1) is a multi-affiliate organization that offers a single point of access to more than 20 specialized investment firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The firm ranks among the world’s largest asset managers. Through its Durable Portfolio Construction philosophy, the company is dedicated to providing innovative ideas […]

Your Cloud Strategy Must Include No-Cloud Options

It’s Monday morning. You go into work as if it’s a normal day, but the office is quiet. There’s a press release on your desk stating that your company has put its data centers up for sale, and cloud will be its new platform. This strategic shift is increasingly commonplace now. Although it makes the […]

Cloud Security is Now Easier Than Ever

We discuss the early years of cloud computing before it had a name and when it was often referred to as “elastic compute cloud” or “utility computing”. In this time there was a need for a universal cloud management platform, which resulted in Michael creating RightScale. RightScale started as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model for AWS that provided […]

A CIO’s Guide to Application Migration

Do you want to be in the data center business? We didn’t think so and you’re not alone. Most CIOs have a deep desire to get out of the data center business. Corporate leadership, understanding the benefits of public cloud, are directing IT to reduce costs. Therefore, many IT executives are turning to public cloud […]

Cloud Computing’s True Value Can’t Be Measured in Dollars

The new Trends in Cloud Computing report from CompTIA states that “many large IT departments see the cloud primarily as a great way to cut expenses. And that’s a major reason why the cloud — public, private or hybrid — is an increasingly relevant factor in IT growth.” What company doesn’t want to save money? […]

Recap of the Google Horizon Event

I was fortunate enough to attend an invite-only Google event to get briefed on numerous announcements pertaining to Google’s cloud services. The announcements included updates on products ranging from Google Docs to Google’s public cloud offering. Additional information was shared on Google’s go-to-market strategy and staffing ambitions as it gears up to gain ground on […]