Cloud Strategy

CIOps vs. GitOps: What’s the Difference?

While CI/CD has become synonymous with application deployments, end-to-end CI/CD for infrastructure is fragmented and challenging for many enterprises. The pace of adopting a DevOps culture within the developer community seems more agile than within infrastructure operations, as developers reap immediate benefits, with unit testing and containerization significantly reducing bugs and time to market. Standards […]

The Innovation Enablement Value Chain

After helping to lead transformations for over 20 years at a global asset manager, I found my true passion is leading change. Examples of these engagements include a successful migration off the mainframe, a cross functional leadership team focused on the customer experience, a large business unit technology divestiture and several technology migrations. Recently, I […]

The Hub-and-Spoke Model Is Evolving to Enable Cloud Innovations at Scale

Here is a challenge. How do you connect the simplest version of a secure public cloud environment that exercises an organization’s muscles, demonstrates the viability of cloud services, and engages all necessary stakeholders? Some might recognize this description as the methodology for our Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC). The simplest way to connect resources in such […]

[Podcast] Dev and Ops are Still Far Apart

DevOps has come a long way in the past decade. In a report released more than a year ago, Forrester declared that the practice had reached “escape velocity,” with more than half of all enterprises implementing and expanding DevOps processes. But, according to some in the field, gaps still exist between the dev and the […]

Data and the Cloud: Two Key Drivers of the Insurance Industry’s Future

The insurance sector has always been an active user of data, wringing out insights from demographics and actuarial models to develop products that protect customers across multiple areas of risk. Insurers have also tapped the cloud, leveraging software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs to run business functions. What the majority of insurers have not done as effectively, until […]