What is DevOps and How Do I Approach It?

DevOps is different from the traditional process of: The developer creates the code Operations then deploys the code and manages the application. The main benefit of DevOps is developers and operations working much closer together. This means the line – if indeed there is one between developers and operations is far more blurred. Traditionally these […]

Calculate Your Cloud Costs With This Simple Formula

“CloudOps” is the latest buzzword. Its meaning is simple: the ability to operate workloads, including both applications and data, once they get to the public cloud. What’s not so simple is figuring out what CloudOps will cost over time, both based on future changes in technology costs and on adding or deleting workloads from the […]

CloudOps Nirvana: Achieve Continuous Ops in Public and Private Clouds

The “Ops” in DevOps is just as important as development and testing, but it gets the least amount of attention. CloudOps is no different, but getting operations right is key to success in the cloud. CloudOps means continuous operations and continuous improvement. If this is your path, you need to rethink traditional operations. Before getting […]

Cloud Operations and Security: A Developer’s Survival Guide

Developers approach problems differently than operations folks do. With software engineers, the solution often involves code, but they have limited visibility into cloud operations. The advent of DevOps means you can quickly move to a low-latency state, where developers and cloud operators are often one and the same—or at least they’re on the same team. […]

Good Cloud Ops Needs Good Cloud Metrics

People who operate clouds — you can call yourselves “cloud ops” — understand that the work is harder than you were originally told. There are many systems and subsystems to consider, including storage, database, and application layers. Furthermore, today’s reality is not the single-cloud deployments originally envisioned. Complex hybrid clouds and multiclouds are more prevalent […]