Moving to Autonomous and Self-Migrating Containers for Cloud Applications

Once you’ve ported an application to a cloud-based platform, including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, and Microsoft, it’s tough, risky, and expensive to move that application from one cloud to another. This isn’t by design. The market moved so quickly that public and private cloud providers couldn’t build portability into their platform and still […]

Containers in the Enterprise: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Containers are popular among the technology elite such as the leaders of hot startups and cloud providers. Enterprises don’t fall into that category. They manufacture tires, run banks or airlines, or operate another traditional businesses, so their needs may or may not be aligned with the vision of Silicon Valley. In other words, they have […]

Practical Use of Microservices in Moving Workloads to the Cloud

What is a service and when is a service a microservice? Good question. When using a service, we leverage a remote method or behavior versus simply extracting or publishing information to a remote system. Moreover, we typically abstract this remote service into another application known as a composite application, which is usually made up of […]

2017 Is the Year the Cloud Zooms like a Rocket

It’s now obvious that 2016 was the inflection point for cloud computing, so the questions for 2017 are set: How big will it get? When will it experience rapid growth? Also, what part of the market will grow the fastest? Here are my predictions. Explosive growth in migrated workloads. I already see larger and larger […]

Container Interoperability: Do Standards Really Matter?

“We didn’t standardize our tech, just a very narrow piece where it made sense.” After Docker founder and CEO Solomon Hykes made the statement above, the community of IT professionals who currently use containers may have experienced a growing sense of unease. Given Hykes’ sentiment, one might wonder, if you leverage current container standards, what […]

Are Docker Containers Smarter than VMware with AWS?

We discuss the transformation from container-based environments to orchestration-based environments. Docker’s entry into the cloud provided a lot of free options for companies, but many companies don’t know how to leverage these open-source ecosystems. Docker and other container-management systems allow us an alternative to virtualization, and it seems safer for enterprises to leapfrog VMware or VMware on […]