[Podcast] Challenges Enterprises Face Adopting Microservices

Microservices have become a popular software development technique in recent years. Breaking down applications into distinct sets of loosely coupled smaller services helps organizations port workloads from cloud to cloud and get better utilization out of the resources they’re paying for. But there are challenges associated with the practice, starting with security. Microservices can make […]

Podcast: “With CTP, it’s like playing on the All-Star team, everyday.”

This week we’re switching things up and digging into a topic we know even better than cloud: What it’s like working at CTP. While there is no shortage in the number of organizations that need help migrating, modernizing and building applications in the cloud, there is a shortage in the amount of talent filling those […]

Inside-Out at HPE — Working With Customers To Meet Developer Needs

Three-and-a-half years ago, CTP started working with HPE as change agents to help in how they used and consumed information technology. In one of the use cases, they were asked to work with an HPE team of about 450 developers who were using a particular waterfall method, said Robert Christiansen, vice president of Global Cloud […]

HPE & CTP: HPE Discover Madrid 2017

At HPE Discover Madrid 2017, the Cube caught up with Flynn Maloy and John Treadway to get the lastest perspective on the acquisition of CTP by HPE and the advantages the acquisition brings to the market. Maloy and Treadway also discuss HPE’s “Right Mix” messaging, the formation and evolution of Pointnext, and the future of […]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Acquire Cloud Technology Partners

Over the course of the past six months, CTP’s leadership team explored various funding routes, each with its own benefits. Our initial intent was to raise a “D” round of funding. During these discussions, it became clear that one party stood out from the rest. Today I am thrilled to announce that Hewlett Packard Enterprise […]

A Letter to CTP Employees from Meg Whitman

To all CTP employees, I wanted to personally let you know how thrilled I am about the agreement we announced today. At HPE, our strategy is based on three core pillars. First, we make hybrid IT simple through secure, software-defined infrastructure offerings. Second, we power the intelligent edge that runs campus, branch and IoT applications. […]